5 Things I Learnt in my 1st Year Studying Fashion

Being a fashion student is often glossed over by others as dreamy and somewhat idealistic. There’s actually much more than what they might realise to the course, particularly the amount of effort and time that goes into achieving the end results of a project. As my first year at De Montfort University begins to draw to a close, here’s what I’ve learnt about being a fashion student so far.

Don’t be set back by brutal feedback. Your tutors will be most honest with your work and will most likely not take the time to phrase their opinions lightly. Yes, tissues will most likely be needed, but acknowledge what you can improve and use them as pointers to totally smash it the next time around.

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Expenses are far from free. Fabrics, sketchbooks, pencils and paints – to name a few, the list of resources needed to study fashion is endless. The items won’t come cheap when compiled together, but oh does it feel worth it when you look over your finished project.

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Invest in time. It seems others have to witness first hand the amount of time and effort that goes into a fashion course to truly believe it. There’s no feeling worse than the realisation of all the things you have left to do on the week running up to hand in. Planning and managing your time from the very start of the brief makes for less all-nighters in the library on deadline week.

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Can’t pattern cut? Learn it. Can’t draw? Practice it. Fashion design isn’t just a course for one thing. You have to learn the logic of pattern cutting, the interrogation of researching, the tricks of sewing,the techniques of communicating your ideas on paper and that’s not even everything. Of course some are stronger in areas that others are weaker, but as well as playing to your strengths, it’s vital to grit your teeth and persevere, even if that means spending hours drawing endless attempts of faces out of vogue magazine.

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Most  of all: be passionate about it. University is your time to realise who you are as a designer. Enjoy it and make the most of all of the resources that you have to get the best out of the course.

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  1. Jenna H
    Jenna H says:

    This is a great read! I had always wanted to go into fashion growing up, but I decided that business is more for me… But, I think the fashion industry has so much to offer! I love your blog, so I know you can do it! 🙂
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