Sale Floral Puffer Coat and Thoughts on Setting Goals for the New Year

January: a month for new years resolutions and a month for adapting changes to our daily routines for a new and improved version of ourselves.

How refreshing was it to start the new year on a Monday? A new week for a new year, and for many people, a fresh start with another set of resolutions to achieve. Although how many years running have we forgotten our resolutions by Easter and proceeded to set the same ones for the next new year, promising ourselves we’ll actually achieve them this time?

I’ve never really been one for making very serious, life changing resolutions at new years. By January 3rd, I was seeing people tweet that they’d ‘already broken the new years resolutions’. It’s just so easy to stumble back into old habits so soon when we give ourselves such dramatic, ground breaking things to suddenly start achieving on a day-to-day basis.

So why don’t we set goals to work towards throughout the year instead? Instead of vowing to go for a run four times a week before work, why not just try to run or increase your fitness more? That way you won’t be left feeling disappointed when you only work out twice for one week instead, because twice is better than not working out at all, and that’s totally okay. Setting goals should be about finding things to strive towards, whether it happens this year, next year or in five years time. If we don’t all achieve all our great ambitions this year, that should be absolutely fine since we’ve made the start to work towards our desired outcomes, leaving us great foundations to continue working towards our goals next year.



On another note, a second key thing about January: the sales. I picked up this wonderful floral puffer coat in Miss Selfridge and reduced from £69 to £20, it’s safe to say that it was this years best sale buy. I find wearing all black in the dark winter months can become a bit dull, repetitive and quite frankly sad. Although my black jeans are in fact my favourite to wear, I do love to add some colour to my winter outfits. The colours in this print pop against the black coat, though the small scale of the print prevents the pallet from being over powering or clashing. As we step into the cold months of January, February and March, we can only long for the better weather and lighter evenings that spring brings, and I can’t help but let this dainty floral print remind me of the new season, making it the perfect coat to transition from the bleak winter in, to brighten up the rainy days.

With pockets on both the outside and the inside and a zip that can be fastened also from both sides, the coat is designed to be reversible and can be worn either way. Practically two coats for the price of one, right? This makes it perfect for outfit planning, such as times like going for a weekend away, as there need be no worries for clashing prints or colours that don’t go. A floral puffer one day, a black puffer another – perfect for changing things up and leaving more space for packing extra clothes!

Floral puffer coat – Miss Selfridge

Jeans – River Island

Boots – New Look

Do you set goals for the new year? Have you had any brilliant sale buys?

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  1. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl
    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl says:

    I really like your outlook on goals for the new year. I like to set ones that help me grow as a person because I feel that’s more authentic for me and then have smaller, achievable goals to work towards each month. I love January sales, can always grab a fab bargain! Loving the jacket! Looks great.

    Jordanne ||

  2. Charli Dawns
    Charli Dawns says:

    Love this jacket!! Something I would definitely wear. I agree with you about the goals… how we should set them for ourselves throughout the year! I do this because sometimes I’m just not feeling up to trying to strive for things I don’t necessarily want to happen just yet, if that makes any sense at all. Enjoyed this post! 🙂


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