A Staple with a Twist

Being so close to the seaside is always something I miss when I’m at university in Leicester and when I’m home in my little seaside town, I always love wondering down to the beach to see what the sea’s doing. I love how it never looks the same; always different size and colour waves rolling into the shore. When we took these pictures, on Christmas Eve, it was a rough day and the water was a stormy grey, a lot unlike to the beautiful flat blue waters when I first arrived back from uni at the beginning of the Christmas holidays. Lots of beach photos can be found over on my Instagram here.

This Boohoo drop shoulder top has become one of my go-to’s for day-to-day wearing with jeans and a pair of Vans. A staple piece of clothing: the sweat, comes with a twist as the gathered sleeve creates exciting volume and flair, forming a soft, gentle movement in the clothing. The raw, frayed hems of the sweat adds edginess to the outfit whilst the cropped style makes it ideal for pairing with high waisted jeans.  I love the beautiful colours in this scarf – a lovely Christmas present from one of my oldest friends, as they harmonise and sit so nicely with the khaki green of the sweat.

Belle Drop Sleeve Sweater – Boohoo

Black Jeans – River Island

Vans – Schuh

Scarf – Accessorize

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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    i always love going to the seaside as well! even though my uni is in a seaside city, i’ve actually never gone to the sea there as the city centre is so far away from the water, haha. it’s definitely something i’ll have to do in the spring/summer, though! and i love the cut of the sweater as well – so cute! you look lovely:-) xx

  2. Ayse
    Ayse says:

    This is a great post and I wish lived by a beach I love being by the seaside whenever I’m on holiday! Also your pictures are amazing! Ayse x


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