All the Frills – Year 2 Fashion Design Outerwear Project

Amongst the demanding workload of studying Fashion Design, the great social life that university brings and all the sleep you can fit in between, it’s easy to disregard the things you enjoy doing in your spare time whilst at uni. One thing I’m going to do in the new year is start to blog more frequently again.

The first project of second year: outerwear. I drew my inspiration from the concept of ‘making connections’ where the forms of the pleats came from the very rectangular, geometric shapes in my research imagery, generally coming from constructions. The ruffles came from repeated circular shapes in the Wassily Kandinsky image, ‘Composition 8’ where geometric shapes connect through precariously balancing on one another, as I made the ruffles by cutting through a circle and stretching along the seam. When choosing fabrics, I favoured the contrast between the heaviness of the denim and the softness of the tulle whilst also found the clash of red and purple intriguing.

  • Pleats
  • Layers of ruffles inserted into yoke
  • Asymetric length
  • Zip
  • Pocket inserted into pleats
  • Distressed hems
  • Welt seams
  • Fabrics – Denim and Tulle


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