Double Denim

Denim – it’s casual, it’s informal, it’s ordinary, and, originating from workwear for men, at its’s very least, denim is not feminine. Compare this to the sophisticated, dreamy, elegant work of fashion designer, Roksanda, and you create garments in two completely alternative parallel universes. In our second project of second year studying Fashion Design, in a group of four, we had to design and create a denim diffusion line for Roksanda.

Taking the concept of denim being an every day fabric in our lives, as a group we began looking at common every day objects for our inspiration. We each produced an individual garment, working together to form a cohesive collection.

Left Outfit: Top by siobhan_farrell  Jeans by gemmaabbotdesign (Instagram)

Right Outfit: Jacket by myself, Jeans by elliswhitehurstfshn (Instagram)

Photos by Catherine at

We were given a very heavy denim to work with for this project which we used to create dramatic volume in the style of Rokanda, focusing on creating fluid lines and organic shapes. The underneath side of the fabric was a tartan which we decided was very un-Roksanda so we applied her passion for colour blocking to our own collection by painting the underside of some of the denim.


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