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After three gruelling, tiresome months, I have finally finished my foundation degree in Art and Design at UCA, Epsom! A few all nighters, one hundred and ten servings of coffee, and numerous challenges later, I felt relief when I finally handed in my final major project last week. But that’s not to say I didn’t love every minute of it.

I based my final major project on the sea, developing ideas through the different personalities of the sea – how it can change from something so peaceful and calm to a monster so tormenting and threatening within just hours or even minutes. I wanted to show the great power and wonder of the sea in what I made.

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Using visits to my seaside home town in east Devon to my advantage, I heavily included a use of digital image to influence my fashion design ideas.

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I heavily focused on experimenting with pleats and gathers to manipulate fabrics in response to water’s movement and how its volumes are controlled as waves break or streams flow over rocks.

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I enjoyed using Dylon dye to create the colour of my fabric. The colours I chose to use were Bahama Blue, Ocean Blue, Navy Blue and Emerald Green.

I can’t wait to begin BA Fashion Design at De Montfort University in September. If you’re considering pursuing in any Art and Design field, I would really recommend the foundation year to build both your confidence and portfolio for degree level. You can see what else I got up to in my foundation year in this post.


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