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Since settling into an entirely new world at uni, I’ve been a little AWOL on the blog lately. In September, I moved to Epsom, Surrey, where I am studying an art & design foundation diploma at UCA. Having never lived anywhere other than my tiny seaside hometime, of course it took a little getting used to. Trains run every 15 minutes! Can you believe it?!

Although the foundation year is not compulsory, a lot of fashion design degree level courses do not like to accept many applicants straight from A-level, allowing you to build your portfolio of work before interviews for BA courses. Prior to applying for the foundation course, I didn’t fully understand why the extra year of further education was seen as so necessary. However, after visiting a few open days, I realised that the foundation year really builds and improves your creative skills, allowing you to really gain the confidence you need in your work.

The course begins with five rotation weeks, where you have the opportunity to experience each art and design pathway – Fashion/Textiles, Fashion Promotion, Graphics, Fine Art and 3D. Even if you know before starting the course which pathway you wish to succeed in, the rotation weeks are a fun way to explore new mediums, and the skills you learn from each of the weeks are transferable to every pathway too. Upon completing the rotation, you then begin your chosen pathway, in which you’ll stay for the rest of the year.

Are you thinking of doing the art and design foundation year? Take a look at what I’ve been up to so far this year.

Creating fashion collages was a great way to ‘loosen up after A level’, generating surrealist pieces that challenged the norm.

A draping project inspired by the forms of flowers

A project using white non-dressmaking materials only, inspired by coral and shells

Print designs inspired by music

From the Fashion Promotion week, advertising Emma Watson’s He for She feminist campaign

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