Collection: Hanae Mori SS16

Maintaining the signature theme of Hanae Mori’s brand, Elegance, the butterfly fluttered its way into becoming the main source of inspiration for Yu Amatsu’s SS16 collection. Traditionally, the butterfly icon represents transformation as it undergoes the process of emerging from the cocoon, its whole life changing as the former caterpillar discovers such grace in the hands of its beautiful wings. Perhaps that’s the message behind Amatsu’s work as his delicate, luxurious and simply glorious creations transform its wearer into feeling so stunning and spectacular.

Crisp, sheer fabrics take the form of the butterfly’s wings through peplum waists, pointed shoulder and dramatic collar structures. These oversized features appear to lengthen the silhouette, emphasizing the sophisticated feminine figure by cinching the waist and protruding the shoulders and hips. Graceful movements of the butterfly in flight is emphasized through the soft movement of the delicate, sheer fabric.

Those swift fabric manipulations are then echoed through the use of heavier fabrics, enforcing more drama and further interest to them. Layered ruffles elegantly imitate the flutter of the butterfly’s wings, whilst climatic dip hems add a slight theatrical tone.

Repetitive prints are formed through the motif of the butterfly, as collages of the symbol are created, depicting a chaotic scene of butterflies. Scalloped hems highlight the intricacy of the butterfly’s detailed wings whilst oversized tops and long mid-calf length skirts are the key styles of the collection.

The bright, bold colours connoted with the butterfly were left to showcase until the end of the collection. Dazzling pinks harmonize with softer complexions as they portray the great beauty of a butterfly’s detailed wings. Petal-like shapes also appear in the print, exhibiting the equal beauty of the butterfly’s floral habitat.

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