A Perfect Prom

Now that I have left school with a long summer ahead of me, until I start college in September, I decided that I wanted to do something which I enjoyed and would be a worthwhile way to spend my time. After months upon months of reading fashion blogs, I came to the conclusion that I should start one myself.
Since this is an end-of-school-type-of-project, I figured that my first post should be what I wore for the night of my last high school memory I’ll ever make. I would have loved to have taken more photos outside, but being typical British weather, of course it had to rain!

Surprisingly, I went for an ultramarine blue number in the end, which we were shocked at, and still are, as I had always said I would wear a purple or pink dress, being the girly girl that I am. But as soon as I tried this one on in the shop, I felt as though I’d jest stepped out of a  fairy tale book after accompanying Cinderella and her Prince Charming to the ball. I loved how the numerous petticoats gave the skirt some volume and shaped a fantasy-like swish of fancy material, yet how the slit in the glossy layer reveals a layer of netting of a much more toned down shade, creating a subtle contrast, preventing from a too over the top finish. Another thing I absolutely love about this dress is how the pattern of the sequins and the fastening of the laced back create both a feel and look of elegance.
Accessory wise, I chose to keep it quite subtle in order to keep all of the attention on the dress. I opted for silver to co-ordinate my accessories with the sequins on the dress. For this occasion, I selected a clutch bag, which also adds to the factor of elegance which the dress brings. On the other hand, I decided to go a bit more glamorous in the hair and shoes department to bring a bit more attention to the look.
Dress – Venus
Shoes – Faith at Debenhams 
Clutch Bag – Debenhams
Necklace – Accessorize
Bracelet – Venus

And some more pictures from the night…

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