DIY: How to Make a Tassel

Tassels are making a huge appearance for the current season and you can read my verdict on the trend here. They’re such a fun way to add a cute finish or a dramatic outcome to any garment and they’re super easy to make too. Follow these simple steps to making your own tassels, suitable to enhance any piece of clothing or accessory.
You Will Need:
Two pieces of card

Step 1) Cut off a length of wool and sandwich it between to the two pieces of card. Place it towards the top as illustrated above.
Step 2) First ensure that your pieces of card are the lengths that you require your tassel to be. Begin to wrap the wool around the length of the two pieces of card, across the opposite way from the strand of wool sandwiched between the two pieces. It may help to slit the top of the card with a pair of scissors in order to hold the first bit of the wool you are wrapping in place. Ensure not to wrap the wool too tightly as thinner card tends to curl, meaning that your tassel will be of odd lengths.

Step 3) When you have wrapped the wool around the card a substantial amount of times, the layers of wool will feel squishy when pressed down. Take the two ends of the strand of wool sandwiched between the card and bring them around so that they trap the wrapped wool between them as shown above. Tie this in a knot several times in order to secure.

Step 4) Now take the opposite end of the wrapped wool and cut down the centre of the loops of wool in order to separate the strands, allowing them to spring free. To help get the lengths even, place the scissors between the two pieces of card and cut along it.

Step 5) Remove the tassel from the card. Cut off another strand of wool and tie it close to the top of the tassel. This gives the tassel an interesting shape as it emphasizes the volume of the tassel.

Wrapping multiple wools at the same time gives a much more colourful, striking and intriguing effect!
How did making your tassel go?
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