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Birthday gifts for the friend/mum/daughter/sister who already have everything under the sun can seem completely and utterly impossible. You may feel that sending a different necklace every year can become boring, perhaps worrying over the implication that you no longer put much thought into the present, when in fact you did, but just couldn’t spark up something that they didn’t already have. Notonthehighstreet.com hand pick individual creative businesses, ensuring to give you a huge variety of unique things, giving you the best gift ideas for she whom has everything.

I actually gave one of these to my mum for her birthday last month, and she loved it! Fun and cheeky, its bound to gain a smile from your birthday recipient. Etched into the glass is three lines, with the words “small glass” at the bottom, “large glass” in the middle, and “[name’s] glass” at the top.
Want the camping vibes without actually sitting in a cold, wet field? Choose any two packets of marshmallows along side a burner and bamboo skewers in order to bring the fun camping atmosphere into the home.
Made of concrete and available in two different sizes – small and large – these cute heart shaped flower pots will enhance any plant display.
Do people even grow out of pick and mix? It’s a no from me! These personalised tree forms make for a much more exciting pick and mix version, almost looking too good to eat. Almost.

Adding a thoughtful touch to this bracelet, the personalised heart makes it a perfect not-too-over-the-top gift. As you chose the personalisation, it would also be great for a special birthday, such as 18 or 21.
With such a huge selection of seeds, why not give your gift receiver the fun of growing her own cocktails? The bonus for you? You’ll probably be included in the creating and tasting of the cocktails too!
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