Three Ways To Style – CageCity Naughty & Nice Skirt

Cagecity is a new, UK based, online clothing store, which is clogged up with unique garments of different colours, shapes, patterns and styles. They are currently running a bloggers comp with a prize definitely worth winning! The link for more information can be found here
For this three ways to style post, I have chosen my faourite, most controversial skirt from Cagecity, as it can be styled in many different ways, as demonstrated below. Leather look garments have crashed into high street stores this season, encouraging a daring grunge style attire. I fell in love with this leather look ‘naughty and nice’ skirt as the softness of the organic shaping of the floral cut out detailing contrasts against the edgy appeal of the leather look skirt, enabling the skirt to appear innocent and friendly, despite it’s tight, figure hugging, edgy nature.

2) Naughty & Nice Skirt – CageCity
5) Black Metal Tip Shoe Boots – New Look
Monochrome is one of my fav a/w trends due to its ideal-for-every-occasion nature, as well as the fact that the gloomy appeal harmonizes with the dim and murky weather outside. Black and white stripes are shaping up to being a huge trend this season, and for that, we thank Marc Jacob’s and Moschino’s Spring ’13 runways. I particularly like this Cagecity stripey sleeveless shirt as I think that the multidirectional stripes add a slightly organised chaotic style. I am absolutely loving satchels at the moment – I have one for college and I find it extremely practical and it goes with everything! I chose this colour block one as the grey wings of the bag hold a soft middleground between the severe differences of the white and black outfit.I think that patterned tights devote a statement from the outfit, and I have chosen these from Topshop as the repeated swallows pattern harmonizes sweetly with the shape of the floral cutouts. Finally, court shoes are making a comeback this season, and I love how these shoe boots hold a court shoe foundation to the style, appearing traditional, yet modern. The gold metal tip adds to the modern attire, contributing towards the moodiness of the monochrome style.

1) Crop Jumper – CageCity
2) Naughty & Nice Skirt – CageCity
3) Black and Gold Clutch Bag – New Look
4) Black Suedette Wedges – New Look
We saw crop tops as the comeback of the summer last season, and they are definitely here to stay! I absolutely love this one from Cagecity, as splashes of colour burst out of the top, creating a fun and playful attitude. I love how the colours seem to blend together, yet the brightness of the pink in particular fights for dominance against the dark connotations of the black leather skirt. I would team this outfit with these black wedges as I think that they make this the ultimate party/going out outfit. I like this black and gold clutch bag because I think that the simple idea of mixing black and gold, has been made more detailed by shaping the pattern more interestingly, using different geometric forms, which contrasts against the soft shaping of the floral cutouts along the skirt hemline.
1) Street Art Jumper – Cage City
2) Naughty & Nice Skirt – CageCity
3) Cut Out Ankle Boots – Boohoo
4) Pink Mini Satchel – River Island
Teaming the leather look skirt with this street art sweater is the perfect way to add a casual twist to the outfit. I love how the uniqueness of this jumper adds a whole element of individuality, as different aspects of individual patterns are brought together to create one pattern, throughout the form of rows. This creates an idea of unpredictableness due to the in repetitive pattern. Despite not actually owning a pair, I love two-toned tights and these floral detail ones would harmonise perfectly with the floral cutout skirt. I think that the pattern of the tights complement the uniqueness of the sweater. My cutout ankle boots are my favourite footwear at the moment, and these heeled ones, again, complement the cutout skirt, creating a slight theme of cutouts. Like the sweater, the luminous pink satchel adds a casual twist, as well as a touch of feminity.

How would you style this leather skirt? Which one of these outfits would you wear?

Good luck to anyone entering the bloggers comp 🙂

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