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The summer holiday season is fast approaching, and oh do I wish I was jetting off somewhere warm and tranquil! But unfortunately I shall be stuck here in not-so-sunny-Devon, making the most of every ray of sun we might get. For all you holiday makers, I’ve put together my top travel essentials, perfect for whether you’re flying off over seas or merely on a camping trip to Cornwall. 

1) Comfy Shoes
Appropriate shoes are crucial for a getaway trip, and no, I’m not talking about walking boots or anything of the like, but when you’re travelling, you need to be able to walk practically and feel comfortable in your footwear for long periods of time. Toms are my absolute favourites at the moment and I think they’d be perfect for such comfort.
2) Dry Shampoo – Boots
Batiste dry shampoo is always a day-to-day necessity for me, so for travelling it’s a must. I love this floral burst edition – it’s so fresh, giving your hair so much more life and vibrancy. They come in mini bottles of 50ml, making them a perfect size for travelling,
3) E45 Intense Recovery Hand Cream- Superdrug
I suffer from quite dry hands and at times struggle with being able to find a hand cream that completely moistens them. However, I find E45 Intense Recovery hand cream to soften my hands greatly, its fragrance free nature encouraging my sensitive skin to not irritate any further, and, with the heat of a summer holiday, this one is such a necessity for me!
4) MONU Rosewood Reviving Mist – MONU shop
Having received this beauty product in this months Glossybox, reviving mist is not something I would usually tend to buy. However, it sets make up refreshingly, making it a perfect rejuvinator for a mid-travel stop.
5) Halo Face Wipes – Tesco
I also received these Halo face wipes in this months festival edit glossybox. The small size of the wipes make them a perfect travel size, convenient for fitting in a hand bag, making them essetial for a few days away.
6) Reading material/Entertainment
Whether you’re travelling by train, plane or bus you’ll be wanting something to keep you entertained. I’m particularly enjoying Hello Fashion magazine (available from most supermarkets) which can be purchased at merely £1 an issue! It’s jam packed full of fashion, interviews, lifestyle and beauty too!
7) Music & Headphones
Finally (and probably the most important) headphones are a true necessity for any trip away! Nothing passes travelling time quite like listening to your favourite tunes… I don’t know what I’d do if I forgot to take my headphones anywhere with me!
What are your travel essentials?

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