Layered Ruffles

There’s something quite luxurious about wearing ruffles and frills during summer. The way the fabric gently falls, rhythmically yet in a somewhat calming manor perhaps is alike to those chilled summer vibes where the breeze lightly blows through the leaves in the trees and the sea serenely laps over the sand.

I liked the dynamics between combining the little and larger frills. This Missguided top hangs loosely with bigger and bolder ruffles in the fabric making a statement against this Boohoo bargain skirt (just £6!) which clings to the silhouette before releasing smaller, intricate more intimate folds in the fabric. Although the colours are opposing, the pale pink gently complements the deeper blue.



Layered frill crop top – Missguided

Ruffle hem mini skirt – Boohoo

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